These artefacts are created in a mixed competence ( oil-paint, gouache, East-Indian ink)
and have an image-size of 17 x 17 inch. The artist, Fokke Duetz, enjoyed his education
at the art-academy in Den Hague and
Berlin. Next to his artistic activities he worked
as set-designer in the dutch film and television industry.

The series Mandalas has been in print in a smaller size and exposed by several occasions.
After considering for a long time, the next of kin have decided to put the series of
original Mandalas in for sale. Reason for this decision is that these artefacts too often and
too long are stored between expositions and this can not have been the intention of
the artist. Condition to this sale is that it only can be perchased as the complete series
of twelve.

For more information or reactions please contact, Casper Duetz, emailadress: