MANDALA (Sanskrit voor circle)

The Mandala is a concentrationpoint by meditation.The draft of a Mandala is bound on strict regularities. Every human being can make his own Mandala by releasing his sensitive and intuitive self.
Eliminate your rational thinking as much as you can and give the cosmic energy, all around you, the chance to be creative.
The Mandala is a diagram of in the universe living shapes as crystals, sound and lightwaves and biochemical molecular patterns.
These patterns, constructed and worked out geometrycal, are with the construction of a Mandala of great importance, since they correspond with in the cosmos present fields of fonce.
Further regularities are the cardinal points and the symmetry.

Made with the right intention and respect for God’s creation, a Mandala can have a beneficial influence on body and mind.
I am convinced, that a Mandala heals and is neutralising damaging influences out off your environment.
It is possible that after a while the effect of your Mandala decrease somewhat.
When this takes place, you can correct this by reloading your Mandala through meditation.


Fokke Duetz 1910/1989